Are things cooling off in the Colorado Springs real estate market?

The Spring and Summer of 2017 in Colorado Springs has proven to be a hot sales climate. New home building, existing home sales & rentals are still holding strong. As Fall approaches, things may be cooling off a bit.

According to the local and national news, it’s a mixed bag of tricks. Mostly it points towards the market staying hot through the Fall months into next year.

Here are some of the leading indicators.

  • “Home sales fall 1.8% in June Nationwide!. (Colorado Springs Gazette July 25th)
  • “Springs rents soar to new record. Average rent at $1441.40 per month in April-June period.”  (Colorado Springs Gazette July 29th)
  • “Prices squeezing renters and would-be homeowners.” (Colorado Springs Gazette June 17th)
  • “Housing market to stay hot!” (Colorado Springs Gazette July 23rd)
  • “Local Home sales set more records.” (Colorado Springs Gazette July 7th)
  • “Springs area home sales prices climb again in July.” (Colorado Springs Gazette August 5th)
  • “City (Colorado Springs) 28th best for first time home buyers. Springs makes list based on market attractiveness, affordability, and quality of life.”  (Colorado Springs Gazette July 18th)
  • “Springs jobless rate tumbles. Unemployment edged lower in June to 2.8%.” (Colorado Springs Gazette August 3rd)
  • “Springs area home sales prices climb again in July.” (Colorado Springs Gazette August 5th)
  • “Consumer spending weakens. Income growth delivers worst reading in several months.” (Colorado Springs Gazette August 2nd)

Most news has been positive throughout the summer. However there have been a few hiccups. Number of days on market for existing homes, and the growing number of price decreases among listed homes, point to a slightly softer market. According to households have the highest credit card debt in history. Auto sales nationwide have weakened considerably. (US News & USA Today)

Are there storm clouds on the horizon? Hard to tell. With the stock market at an all-time high and interest rates still low, the economy seems stable at present.

A sudden economic event, Turmoil in the Whitehouse, or the looming confrontation with North Korea could shake things up a bit. I do not see this causing a sudden downturn. Unlike 08’, most downturns sneak up on us. Am I confident enough to say don’t make any major financial purchases or decisions? No! I’m just a real estate investor trying to share my observations on the market.

As I see it, no cooling off this Fall. Expect a HOT 4th quarter in the Colorado Springs real estate market!

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