If you are going to sell your house in Colorado Springs, look out for the pitfalls that may keep you from selling your house, and getting the price you are expecting.

Pitfalls of Selling Your House in Colorado Springs1. Do not FSBO

Do not try to sell the house yourself! This is called a for sale by owner or FSBO. Unless you are a master marketer, you will not get very many people looking at your house. If you want to sell your house with the least amount of hassle, list with a Realtor. Realtors will bring you the best, and most qualified buyers.

2. Curb Appeal

Give the outside of the house curb appeal. The rule of thumb is you want people to have a good feeling about the house when they walk up to your front door. Green grass, colorful mulch, and eye appealing plants do the best. Paint the front door red if you want to appeal to the masses. Studies show that a red door brings maximum eye appeal to your home.

3. Too Much Clutter

Remove the excess stuff in the house. We all have items in our houses that are special to us. But, when you go to sell a house, those items are not appealing to a potential buyer. Don’t make the house look barren. Keep it functional and nicely decorated. Most Realtors can give you good advice in this area. You could also ask some friends who have a flair for design. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Just make it “pop!”

4. Priced too high

DO NOT overprice your house. Realtor.com will give you an idea of what your house is worth. Also have your realtor run comparable values (COMPS) in your neighborhood. It is OK to start a little high, but do not try to shoot for the moon. If you price too high the house may stay on the market 30-60 days or longer. At this point buyers may start wondering what is wrong with the house.

5. Upgrades

If you want to get maximum price for your house, talk to your realtor or possibly a remodeler to get some ideas. There are several upgrades you can do to increase the value. The kitchen and bathrooms are a major focal point for buyers, especially women. Let’s face it when it comes to house buying, most women say thumbs up or thumbs down. If the budget doesn’t allow a major overhaul, new paint new and carpet can make all the difference in the world.

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Stay tuned next week for Part 2!

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