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Behind on your mortgage payment? It happens, but what happens next? You may have started to be subjected to past due amounts and escalating late fees. You do your best, but you may feel like you can’t catch up.

If you are having trouble with your mortgage payments, the first thing you may want to look at to help get you get caught back up is a repayment plan. The banks do not want a foreclosure on their books as much as you do not want one on your credit.

“Bonnie Buys Houses Fast will not only help solve the most difficult real estate challenges, they can make it a win-win.”

“We can come up with creative solutions because we buy houses from people in all sorts of situations.”

However, there can be situations that prevent us from refinancing, and many reasons for falling behind on a mortgage payment to begin with.

Understand that you are not the only homeowner in your situation. There are many people that have been, (or currently are) in the same situation you are. Unfortunately, knowing this doesn’t make it any better.

The most important thing right now that you should be asking is not “What to do next?”, but “What is the best thing to do next?”. This is where can help, where others may not.

“There are many times where we can offer cash for your house and/or introduce other viable solutions.”

No matter the location of your house, what the property condition is, what your mortgage or financial situation is, we can often present you with several ways out that you may not have considered that can actually help, not hurt.

We always do our very best to present you with what is the best way out for your individual situation. If you feel our offer(s) are not suitable for you, we will walk away. No gimmicks or high sales pressure.

If you think your situation is so unique there is no way out; it is not. Take a look at some of the most common reasons people contact us. You are not alone. We have helped them and we are dedicated to helping you solve your real estate challenges as well.

Below are a few of the most common reasons homeowners fall behind on their mortgage payments and contact us:

  1. Job Loss. You own a home and you lost your job. All across the USA, homeowners will fall behind on their mortgage payments because of losing a job. It is one of the two most common reasons for falling being on house payments. The second is listed directly below.
  2. Unexpected Medical Bills. Unfortunately, the lender does not care why you are behind on your mortgage payments. The important thing here is to come up with the best solution. Acting sooner than later will help avoid things getting worse.
  3. Inheriting a Home/Probate.  Inheriting a house with probate can be a challenge to many. The financial burden may become too much and as the result, you may become in a position that requires you to sell a house fast to ease the burden. Not only can it be difficult emotionally, but now you may be in possession of a house you didn’t expect to own, perhaps even in a city or town’s location that you may not want to live.
  4. House Lien. Don’t be deterred if you have liens, judgments or title problems. Over many years of dealing with these types of real estate challenges, we have become extremely knowledgeable & effective at solving them.

We have also helped many landlords and homeowners who have no equity and/or need major repairs before they can sell.

End your real estate problems by starting the selling process today. Allow us to offer you a solution to whatever your real estate challenge may be by completing our confidential form.

or call Dave at 719-659-9979 is locally owned by local Colorado Springs real estate investors who buy houses all over Colorado Springs and El Paso County. We can pay all cash or use the existing financing to buy your house. In either case, we always want to treat you fairly and offer you the best solution to solve your individual real estate situation.

“Bonnie buys houses, no matter the situation”

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