Colorado Foreclosure AdviceWhen you need help with your Colorado mortgage and want to approach an investor, be sure to choose one with a good reputation when you ask for Colorado Foreclosure Advice.

Don’t engage with someone who approaches you by finding your default filing listed in public records. It could be a scam.

When your lender notices that you are behind on your mortgage payments and must catch up, it is stressful enough as it is. The last thing you need when your life has hit this point is to have someone come with the promise of help, only to have different and less honorable intentions.

If you have been approached with a letter, an email, or a knock on the door from someone who offers ‘Colorado Foreclosure Advice’ it is best to ignore their offer. There are very few legitimate companies that approach their customers. You should be able to find a Colorado real estate company that has a reputation with local people, or can be found in real estate directories.

They should have an office with a real address and a phone with someone who answers in person. In other words, the company will look like a real company and may even be part of your local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau.

Colorado Real Estate Investors can often help with these situations, but be sure to choose a reputable and known investor that won’t distract you and take advantage of your stressful situation.

Some of the scams that have been uncovered by law enforcement all across the nation involve a complete theft of the homeowner’s property through one method or another.

The homeowner, at wit’s end and afraid of foreclosure, will put their trust in these people whose aim it is to take full advantage of their victims while professing to help. In one scam, the ‘investor’ approaches the homeowner and offers to bring their mortgage up to date by paying the lender what is owed. The homeowner then is able to stay in the house and buy it back from the company that bailed them out when able.

The family stays in the home and all is well – or so it appears. In the meantime, the homeowner signs their home over to the scammer, who collects a smaller amount of ‘rent’ from the original owner and is passing it along to the lender.

In reality they don’t pay anything at all to the lender, and the house is foreclosed on as originally scheduled. The scammer now has the money that the homeowner was paying them and is long gone and so is the house.

Look for a good reputation if you must ask for Colorado foreclosure advice and beware of anyone who approaches you with an offer of help.

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