Are you looking for someone to buy your home in Colorado Springs?  Is it because you are having trouble selling it? Or maybe you think no one would want to buy it as is. Not True!

Buy My Home in Colorado SpringsWorking with a local Colorado Springs investor can make the home selling process fast and easy.   In Colorado Springs we are in a hot selling real estate market, and homes are selling fast. There are some situations however, in which your home may not be selling.

  • Is your home in disrepair and you cannot afford to fix it?
  • Could it be there is not enough equity to list with a realtor and you have to come out of pocket?
  • Are you in financial destress and too far behind on payments?
  • Did you inherit a rundown home and you live out of state?
  • Or, you’re an out of state landlord and the tenants have trashed the home? Now you can’t sell it or re-rent it?

These are just a few of the complex reasons why homes do not sell, even in a hot market. In a few instances but not all, we are able to solve a problem by buying the home with an all cash offer. At other times we can take over payments to relieve financial pressure.

If we cannot help, we have been able to refer our clients to another real estate professional on our team. After 12 years as real estate investors we have learned many ways to solve home selling problems.

We, as local Colorado Springs real estate investors, can help. If you or someone you know has a home selling challenge, let us know.

At our company can bring a quick solution to relieve the stress. Bonnie is a long time Colorado Springs resident and is interested in our community. Not a big company out to get a “good deal” on your home.

Our goal is to be fair and honest in all our dealings. Check us out at

There is no obligation or cost. Do it today! I promise, you will not regret considering our company when you ask yourself the question, who will buy my home in Colorado Springs?

Bonnie & Dave Bonnie Buys Houses Fast

If you would like to sell your house quickly and hassle free, give us a call or fill out the form. You could be on your way to resolving your real estate problem in the most safe and secure way possible!
Bonnie & Dave Van Gorder


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