Disclosing Problems with Your Colorado Springs HouseThe ethical disclosure of any problems that you know of with your Colorado Springs house for sale is the best policy. A buyer must trust you when they hand over what may be their life savings to buy your house.

Selling your Colorado Springs house comes with certain responsibilities to the potential buyer, whether that buyer may be an individual that wants to buy a home to live in or you sell to an investor.

A house is a huge investment and it is only fair that the party spending the money has all the possible information needed so they can make an intelligent decision. It will matter when they try to determine whether your house is a bargain or a trap.

Remember the movie The Money Pit in which a couple buys a beautiful new dream house and almost immediately begins to have trouble with expensive repairs, plumbing, roof leaks, and much more. Their dream quickly turns into a nightmare. While it may have been very funny to viewers, it isn’t funny at all when it happens in real life.

That’s why honesty is the rule of the day when you sell your Colorado Springs house. It’s also the law in many states, although not all of them. Even where it is not the law, full disclosure of any known problems with the house should be disclosed. This is not only for the protection of the buyer, but will help to keep you from being socked with a lawsuit down the road when you’ve moved on with your life and least expect it.

While it may not be the law where you live, there is no law that will protect you if you fail to tell a buyer that the first rainstorm of the spring season will send streams of water dripping through the living room ceiling and the buyer decides to sue you. Since that is something that would have been quite obvious to you and was hidden purposely from the buyer, you will find yourself in trouble with the court and may have to pay not only the cost of the repairs, but punitive damages could also be assigned as well.

Again, this all depends on the laws where your house for sale is located. Ethics have no boundaries, however, and are always the best way to do business.

While selling your Colorado Springs house is not like working for repeat business as in a restaurant or variety store, unethical behavior can come back to bite you. If your buyer backs out of the contract due to a dishonest statement you made or something you left out, you’ll be back on the market and better hope the buyer hasn’t spread your poor reputation throughout the local real estate community or you may have to keep your house for quite some time.

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