The Economy, What’s Going OnDuring the week of the headlines posted below, the stock market lost over 800 points in a 3 day period.

In the same 7 day period, stocks rebounded over 600 points in one day.

August 26 2015

  • New-home sales jump in July (Associated Press)
  • Homes rents up 4.2% (Zillow)
  • Financial health is still solid for many (Associated Press)

August 27 2015

  • Report: Home prices rise again in Colorado Springs (The Gazette)
  • Durable goods orders up 2% in July (Associated Press)

August 28 2015

  • Economy Gains Momentum (Associated Press)
  • Mortgage rates fall to 3 month low (The Gazette)
  • Fewer People seek jobless benefits (The Labor department)

According to the latest headlines, things are looking pretty rosy for our economy. However, these headlines were posted during one of the most volatile weeks in Wall Street history!

What’s up? Are we headed for another recession? Or, did the stock market just have another hic-up, albeit a major one?

If you have a crystal ball then clue us in. If not, stay tuned for the next few months. This could be interesting!

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