Disclosing Problems with Your HouseBe open with your buyers about any potential flaws the house has. Whether or not your state has disclosure laws, your honesty will pay off in buyer confidence.

When buyers look at a Colorado Springs home that they may consider buying, they may take a general overall look around the house and property, and if they get an overall good sense about the house, they will show interest.

Then the scrutiny kicks in as they realize that they must do what they can to find out just how great the house really is.

  • Are there hidden problems that might cause them to lose big after the winter rains start?
  • Will they move in and come spring begin to see the evidence of boring beetles or termites that they couldn’t see in the winter?
  • What’s the water pressure like and why is the water so hard?

This is fairly typical of buyers. They act on impulse when they first see the house and notice how great it looks. Then they will begin to think in more detail and may have lots of concerns that will need to be addressed before they agree on a price or sign the contract. Don’t be blindsided by buyers who appear to be happy as can be about buying the house and never tell you those concerns. The other shoe drops right when you believe the house is sold and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Be proactive about concerns a buyer may have and try to head any questions off at the pass. Be open and honest about things you know could be a problem and work something out in your contract to address those things. They will appreciate your candid attitude and you might just get a sale. They will need to trust you not to hide things that will surprise them later.

In many states, including Colorado, there are disclosure laws that require sellers to divulge all known problems in writing for the buyers to see as part of the deal. In the states that don’t require it, ethics will drive you instead. You may get sued a year and a half after you’ve sold the house and moved when that well pump gives out and leaves them with no water in the middle of summer. The problem, the well driller may tell them, started long ago and wasn’t fixed. Expect a lawsuit.

Do your best to make necessary repairs to the house and disclose those items that are clearly going to give the buyer problems in the near future. You can work out a price drop or other way to compensate for the flaw to the buyers’ satisfaction.

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