How can I sell my house fast? You may be asking yourself this question. Good Question!

Typically, most people list their house with a realtor. If your house is in ready to sell condition, the realtor you hire should be able to get your house on the market in a matter of days. If your house has some dents and dings, or needs a slight overhaul, the realtor may suggest you do some repairs & updates. This will make your house attractive to buyers, and help you get top dollar. This, however, can cost thousands of dollars!

Once you sign the realtor contract, your house is open to a bunch of strangers looking at your house when it is convenient to them and not to you! The house must be in show condition at all times. You never know when you will be called to vacate the premises to allow people to look at your house.

After you accept an offer on your house, you will have to have your house inspected by a Home Inspector. Home inspectors are paid to inspect houses with a magnifying glass. The buyers will usually produce a list of repairs they expect you to do before they will buy the house. In most cases, they will also expect YOU to pay THEIR closing costs! (More money out of your pocket.) All this and, the process takes a minimum of 45 – 60 days or longer!

There is another way. Bonnie Buys Houses Fast will buy your house with CASH! If you are willing to take a discount, she can buy your house in as quickly as 7-10 days.

No closing costs, no hidden fees, no list of repairs, and no surprises.

We close on the date that you choose. Bonnie has over 13 years of experience buying houses in the local Colorado Springs Real Estate market. She will give you a fair CASH offer, with a win-win attitude. Can I Sell My House Fast? Yes, you can.

Start the Selling Process Today!

Bonnie & Dave Bonnie Buys Houses Fast

If you would like to sell your house quickly and hassle free, give us a call or fill out the form. You could be on your way to resolving your real estate problem in the most safe and secure way possible! Bonnie & Dave Van Gorder


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