There are several ways to sell your house quickly in a hot or slow market.How to Sell Your House Quickly in Colorado Springs

1) Use a traditional Realtor to sell your house
2) Sell your house to an investor
3) Sell the house yourself. (FSBO -For Sale by Owner)

Today, I will be talking about selling your house with a Realtor and listing it. As a seasoned investor, having listed and sold multiple houses per month, I would like to share some of the secrets that help a house sell quickly.

  1. Know your market and what your house is worth.
  2. Pick a Realtor that has experience. Interview several before choosing a Realtor. One question to ask is: How many houses do you have listed now? And, how long have you been in the real estate business?
  3. Have your Realtor take you on a tour of your general area to see what your competition looks like.
  4. Size up your house honestly. If repairs and/or upgrades are needed, do them to get the highest possible price for your house. The repairs should include but not be limited to kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel and possibly changing out the flooring. You might even put on a fresh coat of paint. Most buyers will zero in on your kitchen, bathrooms and flooring. Try to add as much curb appeal as possible to the front of your home.
  5. Have your realtor calculate a “net sheet.” That way you’ll know what to expect as far as closing costs and how much you will actually make on the sale of your house.
  6. Remove all the clutter from your home. Your house will sell quickly if you remove excess picture hangings, knick knacks and unused small pieces of furniture.
  7. If the house is vacant try to stage each room. Putting in a full set of furniture and all the accessories is not necessary. Just a small “vignette” at the corner of each room does wonders. If you are not sure about this you can contact a home stager and they can assist you in staging your home. As rehabbers, my wife stages every house we sell because they are vacant. An empty house has no character. A staged house has a warmth that invites your buyer to want to own the house.
  8. Price your house fairly. “Shooting for the moon” will only get you less lookers and no offers. When you list your house too high, the house becomes stale with too many days on the market. When the listing goes stale it causes buyers to think you might be desperate. Price your house fairly and you will sell your house quickly.
  9. When your house is being shown, the best thing is not to be there. Also turn the lights on to give your house maximum light. And always make sure it is clean. You might want to use potpourri or some type of plug in device for a nice scent. Fresh baked cookies or vanilla are great scents to use.

These suggestions are simple to sell your house, but remember, you have a lot of competition out there! You are competing against new houses, remodeled houses and houses that people have taken good care of over the years.

Put your best foot forward to sell your house quickly in the Colorado Springs real estate market.

David Van Gorder
VP Van Gorder Investments LLC

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