If you are going to sell your house in Colorado Springs, here are some more pitfalls that may keep you from selling your house. And, getting the price you are expecting.

  1. Pitfalls of Selling Colorado Springs House.pngEye Catchers – These are small dings or dents in the house that catch a buyer’s eye. Examples: Front door has dirty handprints, broken baseboard in the family room, scratches from the dog on the door from the garage to the house, etc. You get the idea. An eye catcher is anything that makes the house look dirty or in disrepair. When we live in the house, we tend to ignore or we get used to them. No more! If you have trouble identifying “eye catchers” in your own house, have your realtor or a good friend do a walk through. They can mark the “eye catchers” with blue tape or make a list.
  2. Odor & Cleanliness – Leave your house for several hours and then walk in the front door and take a big sniff. Better yet, you should probably have a friend walk through your front door and give it a sniff. Sometimes, we get used to the smells and have no idea there is a smell. If it turns out something doesn’t smell good, get some plug in air fresheners, or find the thing causing the odor and get rid of it! When it comes to cleanliness – if you want to sell your house for top dollar, make it look like it is worth top dollar. Keep it as clean as possible during the showing process.
  3. Stay Away – Leave the house when it is being shown to potential buyers. I have found it best that it be an arm’s length transaction when selling your house. Your realtor is a professional. Let him or her present the house. Also, you don’t what to get to know the buyers too well. Sometimes the negotiation process on selling the house can be contentious. Let the realtor be the bad guy.
  4. Poor Quality Photos – Insist that your realtor use top quality photos when selling your house. Some realtors hire professionals to take their pictures. Review the pictures your realtor uses to list your house. Do not settle for anything less.
  5. You’re the boss! – As stated above don’t settle for anything less. Your realtor should be a professional. Listen to them and take sound advice from him or her. However, you are in charge when deciding on the price you will list the house at. What the lowest price you would be willing to accept. And, what you will or won’t do when the buyer gives you a long list of things to fix at inspection time. Remember, you are the boss!

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