Four Best Pro Tips for Selling a Colorado Springs HouseThe best tips for selling a house are simple, but very important. Price, appearance, use of the internet, and flexibility will help you to get the house sold in reasonable time.

The selling of a house can be tricky business these days. When it is time to sell your house, it may seem the housing market is filled with homes for sale and few buyers. This can mean your house will be in competition with so many others in your area. Given that competitive situation you’ll want to do whatever you can to get buyers to look at your house and to ultimately like what they find.

The Four Best Pro Tips for Selling a House

#1 Appearance – Stage your house by either hiring a professional staging expert or by studying what they do and then arranging your house and the contents to mimic a professional job. One of the best ways to see first- hand what staging experts do is to visit a model home or condo that’s being offered by a developer. They spare no expense and do great home staging in their models. It’s part of what they do on a regular basis so take a look and take notes if necessary. Copy their technique in your house before you list it.

#2 Price – Price the house to sell as if you really mean it. Do your homework in the neighborhood to see what others have sold their houses for and what price is typical in the area for similar properties. This is known as ‘comps’ and any self respecting home seller uses them.

Once you figure out what a good market price is for your house, drop the price just slightly, making it a bargain but not too cheap. Too cheap and the buyers think there’s something wrong. Too high and they’ll go down the street to buy 3 other similar homes to yours for less money.

# 3 Internet – Use the power of the internet. Nearly all buyers today start their searches on the internet, so it’s best if you list your house and provide as many pictures as you can. Eliminate clutter from the pictures and make sure they are clear and show all areas.

#4 Flexibility – Finally, be a flexible seller. Show the potential buyers that you want to work with them. Try to accommodate their requests where you can and at the same time, protect yourself. It’s ok to ask for a pre-qualification letter from a lender so you know that they will indeed be able to obtain a loan. Much time can be wasted for both parties if the buyer can’t get the loan. In addition, when they start gathering paperwork for you as they are formulating offers, there is a psychological engagement in buying your property.

There are several reason why a house won’t sell. And, unfortunately there are times that a house just can’t sell. If you own a home in Colorado Springs that is not selling, contact us!

We buy houses in all areas of Colorado Springs and we buy houses in any condition, meaning we buy Colorado Springs houses in “as-is” condition, no need for costly repairs.

 No matter the condition of your house, if you need to sell your Colorado Springs house fast, complete our online home seller questionnaire and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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