It is essential to realize that when you list your house, you are selling a product, your most prized one. When making this big move, you must do all you can to make the transaction a lucrative deal by getting the highest offer you can.

home stagingLike any other product, your house needs to be marketed and presented properly. Despite popular opinion, home staging is not just for the homes that are messy and may not get a decent offer without a bit of readjustment, but it is necessary for all kinds of houses. From old and tarnished to modern and chic, all kinds of homes can benefit from home staging.

Home staging can make a sizable impact and can help you get a hefty return on investment. It is often assumed that home staging is an expensive ordeal with expensive changes that you can go without. However, professional home stagers only make improvements that have the most impact and offer the greatest return on investment.

Let’s go through some reasons why you might want to consider home staging before listing your house.

  1. Sell your house quicker: Even in this hot market, you don’t want to have your house on the market for a long time. The longer your house stays on the market, the less likely it is to sell at a decent price. If you want to sell your house and sell it fast, without compromising the top dollar in return, then you should stage it first. According to the Real Estate Staging Association Survey, homes that are professionally staged spend 72% less time on the market than homes that are not staged!
  2. Allows a prospective buyer to view the home objectively: It is important for the prospective buyer to be able to visualize themselves and their family living in the house. In order to give them a glimpse of what the house could be like for them, you have to view the house objectively first and that is next to impossible. Professional stagers know how to see the house effectively so they can highlight its potential. You on the other hand have associated feelings and emotions with the house. The professional stager on the other hand can rearrange the house décor to make it more attractive for the prospective buyer.
  3. Staging increases the offered amount: One third of realtors agree that home staging can effectively increase the offered priced as compared to unstaged homes. You can maximize the value of your house much like that of a car prior to its sale. The car needs to be presentable, its clutter is taken care of and it needs to appear neat. Similarly, the home staging allows a house to bring out its true potential. Home staging can increase the offered amount up to 20%!
  4. Online photos for impact: Don’t forget that millennial buyers look at the online photos available before visiting the property. Therefore, the first impression of your house is based on the photos of the house that are posted online. To land a successful deal on your house, you need a synergy of home staging and professional looking photos to make a sizable impact on the prospective buyer. Most Realtors are providing good photography. However, a small percentage do not. It is up to you to make sure that your Realtor only posts photos that are acceptable to you. Of course, good quality photos alone will do no good unless you have the house staged professionally.


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